Million Dollar Foot Massage (TM)


Have you ever said, “I feel like a Million Dollars” or “You look like a Million Bucks”?

What image does a Million Dollars bring up for you?

For many people, a Million Dollars exudes an image of  luxury, of having the best.

How would you like to be able to  offer your clients a Million Dollar Foot Massage 

You know, the quality of foot massage where they will sayI Feel Like a Million Bucks!!

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 Million Dollar Foot Massage (TM) for Professionals!


LOOK what you will learn in this CONTENT rich video:

  • Over 30 Tips, Techniques & Stretches for the feet and lower legs
  • Step by Step instruction for giving both supine and prone foot massage
  • Simplified Method for using Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils to enhance the foot massage
  • Downloadable Million Dollar Foot Massage guide
  • Bonus offering of Million Dollar Foot Scrub


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